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Grupo de Dinámica y Transporte Intracelular

Área de investigación: Física de sistemas biológicos

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Motores moleculares
Transporte intracelular
Dinámica del citoesqueleto

Publicaciones seleccionadas

1. Dynamics of intracellular processes in live-cell systems unveiled by fluorescence co-rrelation microscopy. Nicolás Gonzáles Bardeci, Juan Angiolini, María Cecilia De Rossi, Luciana Bruno, and Valeria Levi. IUBMB Life. ACCEPTED. (2016).
2. Tau isoforms imbalance impairs the axonal transport of the amyloid precursor pro-tein (APP) in human neurons. Valentina Lacovich, Sonia Espindola, Matias Alloatti, Victorio Pozo Devoto, Lucas Cromberg, Maria Carna, Giancarlo Forte, Jean Mark Ga-llo, Luciana Bruno, Gorazd Stokin, Maria Elena Avale, and Tomas Falzone. Journal of Neuroscience. ACCEPTED. (2016).
3. Experimental characterization of collision avoidance in pedestrian dynamics. Parisi, Daniel R., Negri, Pablo A. and Bruno Luciana. Physical Review E 94, 022318 (2016).
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5. Asymmetries in kinesin-2 and cytoplasmic dynein contributions to melanosome transport. María Cecilia De Rossi, María Emilia De Rossi, Mariela Sued, Daniela Ro-dríguez , Luciana Bruno and Valeria Levi. FEBS Letters, 589, 2763–2768 (2015)
6. Lateral motion and bending of microtubules studied with a new single filament trac-king routine in living cells. Carla Pallavicini , Valeria Levi, Diana E. Wetzler, Juan F. An-giolini, Lorena Benseñor, Marcelo A. Despósito and Luciana Bruno. Biophysical Jour-nal. Vol 106. 2625–2635. (2014)
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8. When size does matter: organelle size influences the properties of transport media-ted by molecular motors. María C De Rossi; Luciana Bruno, Alejandro Wolosiuk, Mar-celo A Despósito, Valeria Levi. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1830 5095–5103 (2013).
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19. Quantitative single particle tracking of NGF-receptor complexes: transport is bidirec-tional but biased by longer retrograde run lengths. María M. Echarte, Luciana Bruno, Donna J. Arndt-Jovin, Thomas M. Jovin and Lía I. Pietrasanta. FEBS Letters. Vol 581/16: 2905-2913 (2007).
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